Databanks and Data Governance


The Digital Observatory has curated a number of databanks that researchers can utilise in their research projects. The data in these databanks have been collected from a number of online sources and platforms including social media and news websites. The Digital Observatory has ethical clearance to collect and maintain the data in these databanks. If you are interested in using the data in these databanks, please contact the Digital Observatory.

You can also find out more about each of the databanks by clicking on the links below:

Data governance

The Digital Observatory provides guidance and advice on data governance and ethics associated with human-related data from the web (e.g. reviews, comments, forums, social media data). The Digital Observatory has written a general guide for researchers about data governance for human-related dynamic digital data, including several platform-specific fact sheets (Reddit, X/Twitter, and YouTube).

Read the data governance guide here.

Case studies