Australian Digital Observatory

The Australian Digital Observatory is an ARDC platform working to establish a national infrastructure for accessing and analysing dynamic digital data, including existing collections of national interest across Twitter, FlickR, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram and gaming platforms such as Steam.

The Australian Digital Observatory (ADO) is creating an interdisciplinary team of data science researchers and support staff at key locations around Australia who offer data-related services, training, and research support in data collection, storage, tidying, pre-processing, analytics, and visualisation to support academics’ research data pipelines. These tasks can be time-consuming and often involve a steep learning curve for specific technical skills. The ADO can reduce or eliminate this burden so that researchers can focus on analysis and interpretation.

The ADO is curating a broad ecosystem encompassing software tools and datasets, as well as all of the above.

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We host a joint fortnightly office hours with the Australian Text Analytics Platform and the Time Layered Cultural Map every second Tuesday afternoon.


This project is done in collaboration with the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC).

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The Melbourne eResearch Group at the University of Melbourne has set up an API and a Dashboard that allow users to perform some analysis on social media posts, such as word similarity, topic modelling, sentiment analysis, and tweet counts. The first step to access either the API or the Dashboard is to request an API key -API keys are conditionals to non-commercial use and other limitations. Once an API key is obtained, you can either access the Dashboard or, if coding is your thing, you can access the API directly. With either the Dashboard or the API you can download the IDs of tweets (Twitter social media posts), which can be used to get the actual tweet data via the Twitter API for later analysis.

Provided by University of Melbourne


Australian Twittersphere

The Australian Twittersphere is a longitudinal, curated collection of tweets from approximately 838,000 Twitter accounts identified as ‘Australian’. The Digital Observatory has maintained reliable, ongoing data collection since early 2018, with approximately 23 million tweets being collected per month. There is also an archive of approximately 2 billion tweets from 2006 to 2016. The Digital Observatory currently collects approximately 37 million tweets per month.

Provided by QUT Digital Observatory


Research Support

The QUT Digital Observatory collaborates with researchers and organisations to determine their data and analytical requirements, allowing them to focus on their analysis and interpretation.

The first step in using our services is to contact us by email or the expression of interest form below to set up an initial meeting where we will discuss the project topic and scope.

Provided by QUT Digital Observatory