Australian Twittersphere


The Australian Twittersphere is a longitudinal, curated collection of tweets from approximately more than 1 million Twitter accounts identified as ‘Australian’. The Digital Observatory maintained reliable, ongoing data collection from early 2018, with approximately 22-41 million tweets collected per month. The collection was ceased on 30 June 2023, following changes to Twitter's API. The rules which identify the population of accounts in the Australian Twittersphere are available as open data.

How to use this resource

Data from the Australian Twittersphere is provided on a per project basis by the QUT Digital Observatory. Researchers interested in this resource can contact the QUT Digital Observatory at Researchers can refer to our guide to the Australian Twittersphere for more information on the databank and how to access it. For a more in-depth technical overview, please read the Australian Twittersphere technical fact sheet.

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Organisations/Institutions QUT Digital Observatory
Access conditions By consultation with the QUT Digital Observatory
Point of contact Dr Marissa Takahashi -

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