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The Australian Digital Observatory provides long and short-form training workshops and talks on a range of method-specific topics including collecting data from the web, managing and preparing data for analysis, data visualisation and decision-making, and network analysis.

We utilise a range of software tools throughout these workshops including R and Python. We also demonstrate and teach researchers how to use platform-specific tools for collecting, tidying, and analysing data from the web including youte, twarc, tidy_tweet, tweetexploR, and web archiving.

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Our publicly available training workshops and talks are listed on Eventbrite. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on these workshops.

We can also offer our talks and workshops to groups upon request, such as within Schools, Faculties, and research centres. Reach out to us at to arrange tailored training workshops and talks.

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Organisations/Institutions ADO project members, including QUT Digital Observatory and Australian Text Analytics Platform (ATAP)
Point of contact QUT Digital Observatory:

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