Office Hours

Pre-2024 Office Hours

We invite Australian researchers working with linguistics, text analytics, digital and computational methods, social media and web archives, and much more to attend our regular online office hours. Bring your technical questions, research problems and rough ideas and get advice and feedback from the combined expertise of four ARDC research infrastructure projects.

These sessions run over Zoom from 2-3pm (Australia/Sydney time) every second Tuesday – drop in and bring your research questions relating to all of the topics below (and more!) and ask our experts directly. No question is too small, and even if we don’t know the answer we are likely to be able to point you to who can.

About the partners

Australian Digital Observatory

The Australian Digital Observatory is an ecosystem of tools and services for dealing with dynamic digital data.

We can answer questions like:

Australian Text Analytics Platform (ATAP)

The Australian Text Analytics Platform provides tools for computational analysis of text data. The platform is currently in development, but we can answer questions like:

Language Data Commons of Australia

The Language Data Commons of Australia will provide a single point of entry for finding and accessing language data in Australia. The facility is currently in development, but we can answer questions such as: